Capri L22 – Imperial Organic Yeast


Capris juicy ester aromatics, tropical flavors, and bright citrus notes emphasize the desirable qualities from the two popular parent strains: A38 Juice & A43 Loki.

Capri is an experimental saccharomyces cerevisiae strain created in our lab by directing brewing yeast through their ideal sexual cycle via fungal sporulation, designed to explore the natural bio-diversity normally off limits to brewing yeast.

The Juicy ester aromatics of A38 Juice fuses with the tropical flavors of A43 Loki to create a delightfully island inspired drinking experience.

I22 Capri is prone to stay in suspension in large vessel tanks, volatilize sulfur early in fermentation, and form a tight yeast cone harvest. Try dry hopping during fermentation for more active fermentations.

Temp: 68-74F(20-23C)
Attenuation: 72-76%
Flocculation: MEDIUM
Alcohol Tolerance: 10%

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