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Any bulk purchase size will be adjusted in store prior to payment to the bulk discount (50/55lbs of grain, 1lb hops, 1lb of most chemicals/additives, etc).

Quirky Homebrew is closed Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas day. Orders will not be available for pick up on those days. Quirky’s will close at 4pm on 4th of July, Thanksgiving Eve, Christmas Eve and New Years Eve and might other holidays, please check out store hours if you intend to pick up after 4pm or on a holiday.

We do not ship. There are no exceptions.

Please allow us time to get orders entered and pulled, a minimum of two hours is needed in most cases and a day is appreciated. Please consider the environment and use of plastic when ordering products bagged individually. If it is all going into the same beer, a single bag is easier for us, keeps costs down and is less wasteful. You can add instructions in the comments section to have some products bagged separate if needed.

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