Blichmann Riptide Pump 1/2″ NPT


This is the 0.5″ NPT RipTide™

The RipTide™ is the very first pump designed specifically for homebrewing, and it’s the last pump you’ll ever need! Gone are the days of making do with a general-purpose pump that’s hard to disassemble, difficult to prime, requires modifications, and makes more noise than it’s worth. The team of homebrewers at Blichmann Engineering and our friends at March Manufacturing have created the patent-pending RipTide™ to solve all of these problems with a made-for-homebrewing pump.

NEW: The RipTide™ now uses a carbon fiber impeller to help prevent damage caused through dry usage.

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Strong rare earth magnets and a curved blade impeller provide 7 GPM and up to 21 ft of lift
Tri-Clamp head disassembles easily for cleaning
1/2″ NPT inlet and outlet
Motor is enclosed in a splash proof and super quiet case
Rotatable stainless steel head
Integrated air release vent allows you to easily prime the pump everytime without those frustrating air bubbles and cavitation
Linear flow valve provided for excellent flow control
Power switch on base
9 ft. long power cord with 120V plug