Fermentis SafLager WB-34/70 500g Brick


The most popular lager strain worldwide, from the Weihenstephan institute in Germany.

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% Dry Weight 94.0 – 96.5
Usage Rate 80 to 120 g/hl for pitching at 53-59°F. Increase dosage for pitching below 53°F, up to 200 to 300 g/hl at 48°F
Fermentation Temperature 48.2-71.6°F, ideally 53.6-59°F
Flocculation High
Residual Sugars 5 g/l at an apparent attenuation of 83%
Shelf Life 36 months from production date. 7 days if opened.
Storage Store in cool (1 x 10^10 cfu/g for ales | >6 x 10^9 cfu/g for lagers