Plastic Paddle, 28″


Congratulations on going all grain! Now you may need a good stock of reliable mash paddles. Mashing is a critical step in the beer making process – where the malted grains and other cereal starches are converted to sugars which is then fermented with yeast later, giving us the alcohol content.
Use the 28″ mash paddle, that is convenient for any brew batch size. Made of durable food safe plastic, this mash paddle is a must have in your homebrewing accessories.

No need to spend a ton of money on other paddles. This 28″ Plastic Mash Paddle will mash and eliminate dough balls.
It easily breaks any clumps of grain.
Designed with a long handle mash paddle keeps your hands away from the heat source and also food safe.
Material Durable Food Safe Plastic
Length 28″

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