Barth-Haas Hop Aroma Standards Kit


Study up on your smells and put your sniffer to the test with the Haas Hop Aroma Standards Kit. The kit is available for the first time after many years of work by the brains over at John I. Haas. It is perfect for brewers of any size, from hobbyists to professionals, who want to refine their language and knowledge about the various aromas that present in hops. Get yours today, because there is no better learning than lupulin learning!

Storage: Keep cold. Keep dark. Stays true for 6 months.

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Hops are the soul of beer. In the last 10 years, hop usage in the brewing industry has change tremendously. Until then, a subtle to moderate hop aroma achieved with kettle additions was standard. Now with the importance of dry hopping and very high amounts of addition for hop aroma in the brewing process in general, the need for a sensory hop language is obvious. With the help of flavourists and sommeliers, we have developed a uniform tasting scheme specifically for hops and hoppy beers that works with 12 aroma categories and identifying specific aroma attributes. This tasting scheme ́s result is a defined and comparable aroma profile for the relevant hop variety or beer. This tasting scheme is meant to be a standard language in the brewing industry for hops so that an easier comparison of hop varieties and hoppy beers in a sensory context is possible.