Deluxe Sodastream Cylinder Adapter w/ Pin Adjustment


If you’re tired of losing gas every time you connect or disconnect your Sodastream cylinder to your normal Sodastream cylinder adapter, this new design is what you need. Unlike cheaper Sodastream cylinder adapters, this unit has the added advantage that you can use the side thumb screw to depress the pin in the middle of the adapter. This pin adjustment makes the Sodastream cylinder adapter significantly easier to use.

Some adapters require an Alan Key wrench to adjust the pin height, and depending on how worn out your seal is, you may need to adjust this pin periodically. Conventional, cheaper Sodastream adapters also tend to leak gas every time you connect and disconnect them from your regulator or the adapter itself.

If you have a Sodastream Cylinder, you can use this adapter to connect it to a CGA320 CO2 Regulator. This is a great choice for mobile draft applications when you don’t want to carry around your home draft system’s 5 lb or larger CO2 tank.

CGA320 Male Thread x TR21-4 Female Thread

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