Beer Conduit-8 Product Lines (1/4) With Glycol a/k/a Trunk Line 8+2


Recirculating Glycol Trunkline Systems

Bev-Seal Ultra® Series 235
Polyolefin Tube with Internal Dual Barrier

Individually Numbered and Color Coded
Prevents Flavor Permeation
Works with Pungent Flavors
1/4″ I.D. Product Lines
Beer Lines: 8
Glycol Lines: 2
At the core of our trunklines is Bev-Seal Ultra® Series 235 Tubing by Accuflex.
Heavy Duty Vinyl Wrap (optional)
Protects insulation and greatly increases durability of trunkline.
Make installation quick and easy.
3/4″ Wall Insulation
Closed cell foam with antimicrobial protection.
Resists mold and mildew.
Bev-Seal Ultra® Series 235 with Glas-Flex™ Liner
1/4″, 5/16″, and 3/8″ I.D. available.
All lines are color coded and numbered for easy identification.
Glycol Incoming Line
3/8″ I.D. polyethylene tubing in white or blue.
Glycol Outgoing Line
3/8″ I.D. polyethylene tubing in black or red.
Aluminum Foil Tape
Transfers cold from glycol lines to product lines.
Superior adhesion and virtually no odor to permeate lines.
Moisture Barrier Vinyl Tape
Prevents condensation from compromising insulation and adds an additional layer of protection.
Cold temperature tape remains stretchy and flexible in cold climates.
The recognized leader in Beverage Transfer Products

Bev-Seal Ultra®

Flushable Taste Barrier


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