KOMOS® Double Tap Matte Black Stainless Draft Tower With NukaTap Faucets (w/ Duotight Fittings)


KOMOS stainless steel draft tower with matte black finish. Includes EVABarrier draft line, and Duotight push-to-connect fittings. These towers can be purchased without faucets, or you can choose your preferred faucets from the add-on options above. These are the same tower kits included with the KOMOS Kegerator.

Duotight push-in fittings offer quick connection, a reliable seal, and versatility. Setting up and connecting draft line has never been easier — no more hose clamps or heating water to soften tubing. Each tower kit comes with Duotight fittings for the tower shanks and for splitting gas lines (double & triple tap only). EVABarrier double walled tubing offers superior protection against oxidation, CO2 loss, and microbial growth. It’s also PVC-free and BPA-free.


Stainless steel draft tower with matte black finish
Stainless steel faucet shank(s) with Duotight tailpieces
EVABarrier gas and beverage tubing
Draft tower mounting screws
Faucet wrench
1-3 Tap Tower Dimensions:

13.4 in. tall (without faucets)
3 in. tower diameter
4.4 in. base diameter

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