Hop Bong Sight Glass – 1.5 in. T.C.


The Hop Bong is a versatile pressurizable tri-clamp accessory, capable of not only dry hopping oxygen purged hops into fermenters, but also as an inline carbonation/oxygenation accessory. This particular sized tri-clamp Hop Bong was designed for the BrewBuilt X-Series Uni Conical fermenters for their 1.5″ T.C. lid port.

The side port features PCO1881 male threads so you have the option to add a Ball Lock Cap. When used as a dry hopping device on top of your fermenter, this will allow you to purge your additions of oxygen by flushing them with CO2. When used as a sight glass below your fermenter (if your conical has a 1.5″ bottom port, or if you use it along with a 2″ x 1.5″ reducer), bubble CO2 from the bottom up via the Ball Lock Cap to rouse hops or carbonate finished beer.

Constructed from Nylon 12: An autoclavable, extremely robust, and chemical resistant engineering plastic.

Hop Pellet Capacity: 80–120g (2.8–4.2 oz)

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