Super Sucker Transfer Pump


The Super Sucker transfer pump is the perfect solution to moving beer or wine between vessels without the hassle of starting a siphon or positioning carboys and kegs to use gravity. Eliminates excess oxygen exposure that results from hand-pumping a siphon or blowing into a carboy hood. Use 3/8″ ID tubing to hook up the Super Sucker to a racking cane and run a length from the outlet to the receiving vessel. The pump is self-priming and features a convenient on/off switch in-line on the power cord.


10 mm Barbed Inlet/Outlet
On/Off Switch
Max Flow: 1.12 Gal/min
Suction: 5 in.
Max Lift: 150 in. (12.5 ft.)
Maximum Temperature: 140°F
Pressure: 90 psi
Voltage: 12V DC (3.5A)

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