Viking Cookie Malt (15.6-23.1°L) – 1lb.


15.6-23.1 °L – Shortbread cookies, fresh biscuits, toasted bread, and grape nuts are used to describe Viking Cookie Malt. Perfect for building layers of flavor in malty beers. Closest equivalent from other malt houses would be biscuit malt but we think it is softer with more depth of flavor. One commercial brewery swears by it for their Pastry Stout.

Producted by roasting high quality pilsner malt. The amylolytic activity of Cookie Malt is negligible. Typical dosage rate of Cookie Malt is normally under 20%.

Malt Specification:

Moisture % – max. 6.0
Extract fine % dm – min. 72.0
Color °L – 15.6-23.1

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