Viking Caramel 150 (60°L) – 1lb.


53.1-60.6 °L – Raisins, prunes, and brown sugar are flavors we get from this malt. Caramel 150 is the equivalent of Crystal or Caramel 60 in color but very different flavor. We love this malt and think it is dynamite in rich brown ales, killer in Dubbels, and perfect in any darker style where you want that rich background. By comparison Viking Caramel 100 has flavors of sweet wort which are more traditional in flavor but none of the sweet raisin in 150. On the other side, Caramel 200 still has raisin and prune but it is has the beginning of a burnt characteristic.

Viking Caramel Malts are made from green malt . A high degree of caramelization is characteristic of this malt. The amylolytic activity of Caramel Malts is zero. Maillard products formed in the process can act as antioxidants and contribute to flavor stability. Caramel Malts usually improve foam quality and head retention.

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