300L (79G) Marchisio Variable Capacity Tank – Flat Bottom


Variable Capacity tanks, also called Variable Volume tanks, made in Italy by Marchisio. This style of tank features a ‘floating’ lid with an inflatable gasket that can be positioned at any height in the tank. Use the included air pump to inflate the lid gasket. Whether you position the lid directly on the liquid, just above, or at the top of the tank is up to you. They are used as affordable stainless production tanks for applications ranging from winemaking to pickled foods and Kombucha.

Considerations for Winemaking
When used in winemaking we recommend these tanks for fermentation and short-term storage. If you are considering storing wine in a variable volume tank for longer than a month, we suggest you consider our German-made Speidel Variable Volume Tanks. In addition to other quality features like a mirror polish inside, thicker stainless, and robotically welded seams, Speidel tanks feature a proprietary lid gasket that only fits their tanks. This gasket is made from a very high quality, thick, white, food-grade, material that makes a true seal and resists oxygen transfer. This gasket also does not have the seam line that clear gaskets have. To learn more about the clear gaskets watch our video listed below the product copy. All variable volume tanks other than those from Speidel, including these tanks from Marchisio, feature a standard clear gasket that is sufficient for many applications, but we do not recommend them for long term wine storage.

We have been buying tanks from Marchisio since the 1990’s, so we have a long history of collaboration. Marchisio is a classic Italian tank manufacturer that represents the best value in the industry. Great quality at a very competitive price. All tanks have a classic marbled finish on the outside and a smooth polished finish on the inside. Each tank includes a dry airlock – a style of airlock that has a marble inside to make a seal. We recommend replacing this airlock with a classic water airlock to reduce potential oxidation. Includes 3/4″ chrome plated valve.

304 Stainless Tank
304 Stainless Floating Lid
Food-Grade Floating Gasket
Air Pump with pressure gauge
Connection kit for connecting gasket to pump
Dry Airlock for tank
Chrome Plated Spigot
300L Specifications:
Nominal volume: 300 Liters (79.2 gallons)
Effective volume: 305 Liters (80.5 gallons)
Diameter: 65 cm (25.6 inches)
Height: 100 cm (39.3 inches)
Valve size: 3/4″ BSP
Thickness (Bottom X side, in mm): 1.0 X 0.7

*Please Note: Tank may differ slightly from image shown. Stands are sold separately.

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