BTF Iodophor Sanitizer 4oz


Directions for 12.5 PPM Brewing Sanitizer Solution:

To Make 1.5 Gallons of sanitizer: Mix 1 tsp BTF Iodophor into 1 ½ gallons cool water
To Make 5 Gallons of Sanitizer: Mix ½ oz (1 Tablespoon) BTF Iodophor into 5 gallons cool water
Allow solution to contact surface for 2 minutes, then air dry.

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Iodophor Features:
Kills yeast, mold, fungus, gram positive bacteria, gram negative bacteria, spore forming bacteria, viruses and blood borne pathogens
Use at a rate of 1/2 oz of BTF per 5 gallons
Low foaming
No-rinse at 12.5 PPM dilution (see above)
Non-corrosive and gentle on skin and hands