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OSLO Kveik yeast is a modern take on traditional Norwegian farmhouse brewing cultures. Originally isolated from bottle dregs by Bootleg Biology’s friends Eik & Tid in Oslo, Norway. OSLO can comfortably produce beautifully clean, lager-like beers at temperatures as high as 98°F without noticeable off flavors. At the high end of its fermentation temp range, beers can finish attenuating in as little as three days! This culture’s versatility and neutral flavor profile allows you to effortlessly produce most beer styles.

Bootleg is the first yeast lab to release this unique Kveik-family culture sourced from a raw beer.

Brewing Info:

Type: Bottom fermenter. Saccharomyces bayanus / pastorianus / uvarum monoculture
Pitching Rate: Directly pitchable into 5 gallons of 1.050 or lower wort
Estimated Attenuation: 76–86%; attenuation will increase with higher fermentation temps or with successive repitches
Estimated Final pH: 4.3–4.6
Flavor/Aroma Profile: Clean, lager-like flavor profile, with no expected off flavors or phenols at high temperatures
Flocculation: Medium
Recommended Fermentation Temperature: 75–98°F; colder temperatures may result in higher final gravities or early flocculation/stalling. Pitch and Ferment at 85°F or higher for the quickest fermentation time.

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