Apex Cultures Mexican Lager Dry Yeast 500g


Versatile bottom fermenting yeast for the production of crisp lagers with a remarkably clean
character. Originally from Mexico City, this strain allows a harmonious expression of malt and hop notes, while conferring a well-balanced palate and dry finish. It efficiently attenuates at the low end of the lager temperature range. An excellent yeast strain for fermentation of supreme lagers.

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80-100 g/hL of cold wort at 50-57°F.

Brewing parameters
Fermentation temperature range: 50-57°F
Apparent attenuation: 73-78%
Flocculation & sedimentation ability: Medium Alcohol tolerance: 9-11%
H2S production: Low
STA1: Negative
Pitch the yeast directly in the fermenter at the primary fermentation temperature of your preference as per your beer recipe.
Dissolve the yeast in sterile water or wort at 64-77°F in a ratio of 1:10 and let it rest for 20 minutes. Subsequently mix well to obtain the complete suspension of the yeast. Pitch the yeast directly in the fermenter.
Store in the original sealed packaging, away from light, in a dry and odorless place. Store preferably
at a temperature <68°F. Do not freeze. Best before the date on the packaging. Use immediately after opening.