Mosaic Lupomax Hop Pellets 1lb


LUPOMAX Concentrated Hop Pellets
LUPOMAX® is a new concentrated pellet that is consistent, efficient, and optimized for hop flavor. LUPOMAX® has less vegetative matter compared to regular hop pellets so you get hop flavors that are bigger, bolder, and brighter! Less vegetative matter means less beer loss, less solid waste, and more beer to enjoy. LUPOMAX® is variety and crop year specific and made with premium lots that are selected to deliver consistent true-to-type flavor year over year.

LUPOMAX® = Consistent lupulin concentration for optimized hop flavor.
· Consistent lupulin concentration for optimized hop flavor
· Sensory Plus™: process delivers consistency and true-to-type hop flavor
· Lupulin standardization for reliable brewing performance
· Reduces beer loss = more beer

When replacing T90 pellets with LUPOMAX®, use 50-70% of the hops called for in your recipe.

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