Ss BrewTech FTSs Heating and Chilling Package for Standard 14 Gal Chronicals


The FTSs (Fermentation Temerature Stabilization System) is an elegant, effective and affordable solution for temperature control in an Ss Brewing Technologies fermenter.

The FTSs uses a high quality digital temperature controller to drive the included submersible pump as necessary, delivering cooling or heating media to a custom lid with integrated stainless heat exchanger. Together with the included neoprene insulating jacket, the system eliminates the need for costly, space-taking fermentation chambers and fridges.

All your customer needs to supply is the cold or hot water/glycol to recirculate! The most common set up is to use a cooler with either ice water (or frozen jugs) or an aquarium heater depending on whether cooling or heating is desired.

Included with the FTSs System:

Custom lid w/ 304 SS immersion chiller coil
Pro grade (super quiet) submersible pump
110-240 v power supply
304 SS weldless lid mounted thermowell
Tailored neoprene insulation jacket
Digital temperature controller
Included vinyl tubing
Required from you:

Any type of cooler where you will add water and ice, or frozen jugs, to cool. You will submerse the included pump in the water.
To heat you can use a simple aquarium heater to raise the temperature of the water in the cooler
A 14 Gallon Chronical Fermentor, FE814

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