Grainfather SF70 Conical Fermenter


Coming in November 2021 (anticipated availability)

The Grainfather SF70 conical fermenter has been built to hold big batches of wort with an 18 gal (70L) capacity. It’s sleek, stainless-steel finish makes cleaning simple and with an intuitive design, you can easily adjust the height, take samples, and dump yeast to avoid the build-up of yeast and sediment.

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The SF70 is our largest and tallest fermenter yet, with an 18 gal (70L) capacity, it is designed to hold big batches of wort for those larger brew days. Customize the SF70 to suit you with an adjustable leg height and rolling wheels for easy maneuverability. Its innovative design is built with 304-grade stainless steel and has a golden angle to avoid yeast and sediment getting stuck in the fermenter to ensure a high-quality brew that is easy to clean.

SF70 body built with sleek 304-grade stainless steel
Golden angle conical avoids yeast and sediment getting stuck to the sides of the fermenter
Adjustable leg height and rolling wheels for easy maneuverability
Easily dump yeast with a separate valve
Insert temperature probes into the built-in thermowell for accurate temperature readings
Transfer and take samples above the yeast and trub line with an accessible valve on the side of the unit
We’re a dedicated and knowledgeable team who are passionate about helping our customers get the most out of their system. We can assist you with any brewing-related queries, no matter how technical. We’re also confident that our products will produce professional, craft brewery-like results. That’s why every SF70 comes with a signature Grainfather 2-year warranty.

Grainfather SF70
Rubber bung & airlock
Sample valve
Dump valve
Legs and castors
Size: 51″ x 16″
Weight: 26lb (12kg)
Capacity: 18 gal (70L)
Power: None
Connectivity: None