Sparge Arm – InfuSsion Mash Tun


Another high quality intuitive piece of brewing gear from Ss BrewTech, the Ssparge Arm! Simple design, with adjustable height and flow rate, this is a necessary add on for the Ss InfuSsion Mash Tuns.

Incredibly easy to use: Simply choose and thread on a flow rate disk, clip the unit to your mash tun, set the height just above your grain bed, and get brewing!! See the Documents tab above for a more detailed guide to use.

For USE ONLY ON Ss MASH TUNS (10/20 gal)
304 Stainless Steel construction
Designed for gravity feed from HLT
Or hook your own pump / flow control valve
3/8” diameter stainless tubing
3/8″ barb on inlet of tubing
Custom silicone handle mount for Ss Mash Tun
Easily adjust height of sparge head up / down
Uniform liquid dispersion fom sparge head

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