Pro Brite Tank – 3.5 BBL


Features Include:

15 PSI (1 bar) working pressure
Side manway door for cleaning
1.5″ Tri-clamp carbonation stone
1.5″ Tri-clamp pressure gauge
1.5″ Tri-clamp dial face bi-metal, easy-read analog thermometer
1.5″ Tri-clamp Perlick-style sample valve
2″ Tri-clamp pressure/vacuum relief
2″ Center bottom tri-clamp drain
Sight-glass for reading volumes
Dedicated pipe system with 4″ Tri-clamp center top opening and 1.5″ tri-clamp rotating CIP spray ball for easy cleaning
3/4″ NPT glycol ports
PT100 Thermocouple interface

304 stainless steel construction
Double walled with 80 mm thick polyurethane insulation
External Shell: 2 mm thick with brushed finish
Internal tank: 3 mm thick with smooth ground welds, 2B finish and passivated
Glycol Jacket: dual cooling zone, 1.5mm thick

Tank Height: 61″
Tank Diameter: 40″
Empty Weight: 463 lbs
Working Volume: 3.5 bbl
Total Volume: 4.25 bbl
Jacket Surface Area: 2,024 in² (1.306 m²)

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