MoreBeer! Pro Conical Fermenter – 7 bbl


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Great Quality from MoreBeer! Pro
Our conicals between 1 and 120 bbl are made at a family owned manufacturer in the Ningbo region of China. Ningbo is where most premium beer tanks come from and represents a known style and level of quality when compared to other areas of China. Our tanks are designed by our in-house R&D designer Colin Kaminski, a former brewmaster for 15 years. Cleanability, ease of use, and durability are our primary design criteria. Our manufacturing partner in China is a father/son team that takes great pride in what they do. Some discount dealers buy from different manufacturers who offer one-off deals. That can be fine one time but not the next.

Great Value from MoreBeer! Pro
If you used MoreBeer! as a homebrewer you may not know that MoreBeer! & MoreBeer! Pro combined is one of the largest brewing supply companies in the world with over 250,000 customers. We get a great price and we pass that on to you.

Impressive Features
Built from quality-checked 304 stainless steel, our tanks boast a hefty list of features. Here are some key features that are not always included on all tanks.
3” of internal insulation between tank and outer jacket when the industry standard is 2”
Separate cone and tank cooling jackets with individual Pt100 Thermocouples
DIN Rotating racking arm for safety and ease of use
4” TC top hop port with handle
Carbonation Stone included with all tanks
2” Bottom valve for easier trub removal (3.5 bbl and up)
CIP spinning spray ball and piping built-in (3.5 bbl and up)
25% head-space above stated volume
Industry standard 2b finish
All Features:
304 stainless steel construction
The outer shell is 2 mm thick with a brushed finish
The inner wall is 3 mm thick with smooth ground welds, 2B finish and passivated
Includes a glycol jacket which is dimple welded and 1.5 mm thick
Oversized for 25% average headspace
Pressure Relief/Vacuum Breaker valve rated at 1 Bar / 15 PSI
1x Pt100 Thermocouple interface
Perlick style sample valve
Spinning CIP cleaning head and separate piping
Rotating racking arm upgraded with DIN fitting for increased reliability
Analog temperature gauge
Oversized yeast dump port
Sealed Pressure Gauge
Hop port
Carb stone
Separate blow-off pipe
Side man-door
Ladder rack (7 bbl and up)
Shadowless Manway
Specifications for 7 bbl Conical:

Grade 304 Stainless Steel
Internal Finish: Polished #2B
Tank Height: 88″, With Blowoff Pipe: 93″
Tank Diameter: 48″
Empty Weight: 640 lbs
Working Volume: 7 bbls
Max Volume: 9 bbls
Working Pressure: 1 Bar (15 psi)
Jacket Surface area: 3,325 in² (2.145 m²)
All ports are 1.5″ TC except for 4″ TC Lid Hopping Port, 4″ TC CIP Port (inner 1.5″ TC to CIP ball adapter), 2″ TC PVRV, 2″ TC Drain Outlet, 2″ TC Pressure Gauge, DN50 Rotating Racking arm, and 3/4″ NPT Glycol Ports

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