Bottle Washer – Chrome Plated Brass


Chrome Plated Brass Jet Spray Bottle And Carboy Washer

This is home brewers Bottling day gadget attaches to the faucet with garden hose male thread on it. it can be attached to your kitchen sink faucet with use of an optional Faucet spout adapter

Wash away your brew residue and avoid build-up with this easy to use Carboy washer. The narrow mouth and hard to reach bottom makes cleaning carboys a difficult task. But not any more!

Just connect this Jet washer to a regular faucet and watch as the jet stream dislodges particles from difficult corners as well. Ease up your cleaning and enjoy brewing.

• A durable brass construction ensures the product durability.
• With garden hose fitting that connects easily to a utility sink.

Material Brass
Finish Chrome Plated Brass
Thread Size 3/4″ GHT ( Garden hose thread )

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