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Since 1978 Homebrew has gone from gallon jugs with balloons on top in the bathtub under grandpas watchful eye to a hobby enjoyed by tens of thousands using modern equipment and achieving results comparable to any professionally brewed beer.

Making beer is easy-if you can make macaroni and cheese, you can brew beer. The rules are simple.

1-Be clean.

2-Steralize it again to make sure.

3-Be patient. No really, this isn’t making mac and cheese, it takes a little time.

At Quirky Homebrew we are ready and willing to help the new brewer find their way through their first recipe to working with the experienced all-grain brewer on their three tier system making a complex and unique brew. Basic kits start at $99.95 for the equipment and as low as $34.99 to make 5 gallons of beer. All you need is a brew pot (2.5 or so gallon pot) and bottles (pop off crown cap style, not screw caps) and you are ready to make your first brew!

We carry the full line of TrueBrew kits, BSG Brewers Select kits and BrewCraft kits. We try to be competitive with local and online stores with our products and are confident you will find our store the place to get your supplies for your first or your 1000th brew!


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[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Yes, it is legal to make home made beer in the United States. The laws vary slightly by state but basically you can make 100 gallons per year per adult age 18 per household with a maximum per household of 200 gallons per year. We are not sure anyone actually takes a tally of how much a homebrewer makes. Enjoy brewing like any other hobby! Share it with friends, invite them over to help and most of all, be safe and please, don’t drink homebrew and drive! But please, make sure to drive to Quirky and share some of your great success with us! We love trying home-brew!![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]